board members for education for refugees

HOPE’s Boards

HOPE has formed two boards alongside its core team: The Board of Advisors and the Executive Academic Board. These are two strong wings that help the project function more effectively. These boards consist of high-profile experts and university professors whose knowledge and experience contribute immensely to the projects.

Members within the Board of Advisors are experienced professionals, in various fields, who advise the team/calibrate the projects to help promote more impactful results.

The Executive Academic Board is a very helpful community of university professors and deans, who help us connect to universities. They also help us with reviewing and producing the content of the courses.

HOPE has initiated a solution for a problem that has lasted for so long. The goal can only be achieved through the contribution of our partners, mentors, and team members. HOPE is a platform to gather all the people who can and want to be a part of the solution to focus on social responsibility in this capacity.

We warmly welcome anybody who can help pave the way to provide education for individuals located in refugee camps.



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