Hope for education for refugees

Hope Has Been Launched

After months of developing the initiative and weeks of preparation, HOPE has finally launched.

HOPE, which stands for “Higher Opportunities For People Through Education,” aims to provide equal education for vulnerable communities, with a focus on refugees.

The objective is to provide lessons and trainings to vulnerable populations in an effort to equalize the playing field. We want to give them the tools to improve their resume, develop new skills and plant a new HOPE in their hearts. Our program focuses on language education, vocational training, and university courses for each individual to embark on the future they foresee.

HOPE’s educational programs are designed to lead them to find a job or continue their education in their receiving country. The courses and programs are accredited by our Academic Partners; the universities and schools that also will award the graduated refugees with certifications, degrees and on top of all, scholarships. HOPE’s educational programs have four main pillars: language classes, vocational training, entrepreneurship skills, and career development advice. The courses will be available in a multitude of languages to best fit our participant’s needs.

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