What Is HOPE?

– Higher Opportunities for People through Education – 

HOPE is an organization that aims to provide educational opportunities for refugees. Our programs are university accredited and provide an array of options including university courses, vocational trainings, language classes, and help in career development. HOPE’s mission is to provide the education and training individuals in displaced communities need to find a job or continue their education.

Each program includes certification from credible universities and schools who partner with us. This allows successful participants to add the certificate to their resume. 


Only 3% of refugees have access to higher education. This hinders their ability to develop the skills necessary to obtain employment. HOPE’s objective is to help bridge the gap between displacement and self-sustainability in a new location by providing useful and adaptable trainings and educational opportunities. 

Our belief is that education will help open the necessary doors for displaced persons to access opportunities and aide in their future success. 

We Have a Dream…

We have a dream of a world where no one gets left behind. No one is forced to stop their education. No one misses employment opportunities because they cannot access the resources to develop the professional skills.


Serving education to all those interested in personal growth and skill development.


A world where everyone has equal access to education.


Our ultimate goal is to help refugees find jobs, stand on their own feet, and restart a new life. 

our goal for education for refugees